Thursday, January 7, 2016

Celebrating Sponsored Secondary Students and Getting Ready to Sponsor More

Bowman School is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of Corna Ayanda and Cosmas Oganda.  Congratulations on another successful year.  We are proud to help in your accomplishments.
We are looking forward to the nomination of additional students for sponsorship support.  We are thrilled to have supported twelve students through secondary school and to support programs and spaces at Sagam Primary

And the Library is Complete and Up and Running!

Check out pictures of the finished library
Some cabinets lock for additional book protection

Materials are secure AND students and community has access

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fall 2012 - Sagam School Library Continues to Grow!

Construction of the new library at Sagam Primary School is coming along nicely!  With strong walls, a sturdy roof, and plenty of large windows to let in natural light, we anticipate the library will be a welcome and well-used resource center for students and faculty at the school.

Another view of the library under construction gives us an opportunity to see just how large this new addition to the school will be! 
  Below is a view of the interior of the library space.  
And finally, one more view of Sagam Primary School's new library - we're looking forward to showing you more as the building continues!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Summer 2012 - Ms Aikenhead & Family Visit Sagam Primary School!

Ms Aikenhead, a Bowman School Literacy teacher, and her family visited Sagam for a few days this summer. They had a wonderful tour of Sagam Primary School, and learned so much about the school and the village!

It was so exciting to see the library taking shape.  The walls were up, the roof was on, and it was easy to imagine the space full of children and books in the near future!

"Ms Leveques' first graders sent along favorite books from Bowman to Sagam.  Soon the books will have a home in the new library!"

Special gifts were exchanged...

 ...and new friendships were formed!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From Bricks to Books - Sagam Village Builds a Library!

"At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better."

President Barack Obama
, Chicago, 2005

The brand-new library at Sagam Primary School is really starting to take shape! In an earlier post (November 2011) we described the origins and first steps of this wonderful project, which is a collaborative effort between the Sagam Village community and the Bowman School community. It is exciting to see the walls in place, with spaces for windows and doorways, and to know that Sagam students, parents, and teachers will soon experience that "magic threshold" that leads to a world of discovery, reflection, and new understandings.

Construction is now in Stage II - the "Walling" stage - and progress is evident through the pictures posted here. What materials are required to build a new library in a village in Kenya? For this stage of the project, the community has gathered, constructed, or used:
  • 70 bags of cement
  • 6000 bricks (made in the village)
  • 15 kg of ordinary nails
  • 400 ft of timber
  • 4 lorries full of sand
  • 2 lorries full of ballast
along with a variety of other materials, and the labor is being completed be members of the village community. We look forward to receiving more updates as the progress continues!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Year 8 Students - 2011 Residential Trip to Lake Nakuru National Park

Sometimes, the best learning takes place when we venture beyond the school grounds. Residential trips are wonderful opportunities for students to take what they have learned in their classes and apply it directly to experiences at special locations. At Bowman School in Lexington, MA, 5th grade students attend a residential environmental education program in a wooded setting where they explore science concepts and work in teams to complete projects. At Sagam Primary School in Kenya, the Year 8 students travel by bus for a residential study trip to Lake Nakuru and the surrounding countryside to study geography, geology, agriculture, and their natural environment.

Lake Nakuru is located midway between two major cities in Kenya - the capital, Nairobi, and the city of Kisumu, which borders Lake Victoria in the western area of the country. (Sagam Primary School is located about an hour's drive northwest of Kisumu, not too far from the border to Uganda.) The Year 8 students at Sagam prepare for their trip by studying the ecosystem, climate, and physical features of the region prior to departure, and continue their learning through both guided and independent experiences upon their arrival at Lake Nakuru National Park. Like the students at Bowman School who travel a distance for their residential trip, the days for the Sagam students are filled with opportunities to discover habitats and scientific concepts that come alive in a natural setting.
The countryside around Lake Nakuru contains soil that is rich in nutrients, and there are many farms in the region. The view to the left is from one of the hilltops in the area that the Sagam students visited during their travels.

To the right is a photograph of some of the students who attended the trip, along with teacher Mrs. Jane Rogo (who visited Bowman School in 2010) and Sagam School Head Teacher, Mr. Peter Onyango. This Year 8 trip to Lake Nakuru National Park has become a yearly tradition at Sagam Primary School, and is made possible through contributions by the Sagam Village community, combined with funds that are raised by students, parents, and staff at Bowman School in Lexington, MA.

Sagam Primary School Library - Building a Foundation for Learning!

An exciting new project is now underway at Sagam Primary School! With funding support from both the community of Sagam Village and the Bowman School community in Lexington, Massachusetts, a new library is now under construction at Sagam Primary School. This collaborative initiative will enhance the ability for students at Sagam to select and read books from a variety of genres and at multiple levels, and will provide resources for both the the students and staff at Sagam, as well as community members from the village. The first step in construction was clearing and leveling the area where the library will be built.
In the photo to the right, one of the teachers at Sagam Primary School shows how the foundation, built using bricks that were manufactured locally, have created a strong, level foundation for the planned library building. The soil in Yala province is rich with clay, and there is an area within walking distance to the school where bricks are manufactured by local residents of the village. As the walls begin to rise from the solid foundation, local village residents and faculty from the school tour the project.

During visits to Sagam Primary School in the summers of 2008 and 2010, Bowman staff brought collections of books for students and teachers to use in classrooms and for general research. The books included selections of nonfiction texts, novels, teacher resources, works of fiction, and picture books that described how young people live in a wide variety of culture throughout the globe. These books will form the basis of what we hope will be a rich collection of resources for the community of Sagam Village.